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Our Quality, Your Right

  • Meeting customers requirement on ongoing basis
  • Achieve the highest standards of excellence
  • Do the right things right
  • Make and meet commitments
  • Continuously learn, develop and improve
  • Listen to all ideas and viewpoints
  • Constructively confront and solve problems

Through the above, Harshini Tele Systems  Seeks to:

  • Continually improve the customer perceived value of our products/services, processes and people
  • Continually improve our efficiency in performance of business activities
  • Continually reduce cost by doing business and offer cost effective business models to our customers

Harshini Tele Systems  has developed various unique processes and procedures that produce quality and consistent performance according to our customer needs. All our functions are continuously analyzed and refined, with ongoing improvements in the areas of delivery improvement, Quality, cost and productivity that ultimately benefit all our customers.

Harshini Tele Systems  apply the ISO 9001:2015 / TL 9000 / ISO 14001:2004 International Standards as the baseline for implementing management systems. All of Harshini Tele Systems manufacturing facilities and Services business units are registered to ISO 9001:2015 by a reputed third party registrar.

New business units implement an ISO 9001:2015 based quality management system at their start up and are registered as soon as enough time has passed to gather historical data.

Harshini Tele Systems  Quality

Harshini Tele Systems  management is committed to the integration of quality principles into our management systems. We have established a clear Quality and embedded it in our Business Units specific.

Harshini Tele Systems quality management system

Harshini Tele Systems  implemented a flexible quality management system architecture based on Harshini Tele Systems mission, corporate values, and Quality. This architecture encompasses a wide range of mature and robust systems and processes, and enables Harshini Tele Systems  to provide responsive support to customers.

Design and Development Quality

We at Harshini Tele Systems  designs and develops the various types and ranges of the towers according to the customer requirements meeting national and international standards. All towers designs are validated by Indian Institute of Technology and Structural Engineering Research Centre. Many of our customer approval agencies verifies the product designs and protos covering our QMS and plants capacity assessment on ongoing basis.
Ref: Technical Specifications Evaluation Center (TSEC), Bhart Sanchar Nigam Limited / Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL) / Motorola Inc. / Tata Indicom Limited etc.

Materials & bought out items quality

Stable and predictable quality, availability, and cost-effectiveness of incoming materials and items were critical for our factories and services business units to operate smoothly and deliver products/services that meet customer satisfaction. Central purchase wing, Quality and business units purchase team’s works closely with our suppliers to accomplish this mission.

Manufacturing quality systems

Harshini Tele Systems  manufacturing units uses issue prevention and CAPA as its main approach in providing quality products. This is evident in the use of the control plans and Quality plans. Based on the project or customer requirements product/project specific quality plans are developed and followed.

Subcontractor / Outsourcing Quality

Harshini Tele Systems  Business Units uses subcontractors to perform some of the project/manufacturing process steps, including towers fabrication, civil works, erection & painting of the towers and installation services. Potential subcontractors are evaluated on their ability to meet technical, business and quality requirements. Only suppliers who meets Harshini Tele Systems  requirements are approved to provide the services. All subcontractors works and services are executed under the direct supervision of the Harshini Tele Systems  teams. Once the subcontractor is approved and qualified, their performance will be monitored by projects and quality teams through site audits and improvement areas will be identified. Sub contractors periodical business reviews and rating process assures good communication and alignment on trends and requirements.

Quality Teams/Customer support

The Harshini Tele Systems  quality teams support and ensures the purchased product verification, in-process inspection, validation and final inspection activities based on quality and control plans. The following are the value-added service and supports to our customers: Quality and Quantity confirmation/declaration, product change management, final product quality, customer/Proto inspections, suppliers assessment and documents control including initiation of CAPA. Additionally, Harshini Tele Systems  listens its customer’s voices and understands their expectations through periodical interactions and customer satisfaction survey program.

Management Information System


Harshini Tele Systems  has developed business units specific MIS for effective tracking of the daily operations and sites status.

Product / Services Warranty:

Harshini Tele Systems  product/services warranty applies to any of passive infrastructure products/services that we install. Harshini Tele Systems  warranties the materials/items and labor on all passive infrastructure products and services purchased directly from and installed by, Harshini Tele Systems  as per the contracts. If any passive infrastructure provided by Harshini Tele Systems  fails to work due to defective items or faulty workmanship, Harshini Tele Systems  business units will repair or replace the defect as per contracts.

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